Understanding TBI Treatments

Michael Ehline is a TBI expert lawyer.
TBI Attorney

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are devastating to the victims of these injuries. Accidents are a common cause, particularly those caused by a negligent party. These accidents happen very often in cities such as Sacramento, San Jose, and Ventura.

TBI – Knowing the Ropes.

As standard as they are, the injuries, their diagnosis, and treatment aren’t usually as familiar. It is essential to know some of the procedures for traumatic brain injuries to understand their seriousness and the impact they have on a victim’s life.

In the first moments of treatment of potential traumatic brain injuries, evaluation of the victim occurs, and stabilization is the goal. This review should always be done in a hospital setting, not left to first responders in an accident. Evaluation of traumatic brain injuries often involves neurology teams, traumatic surgery teams, and other trauma-related emergency personnel.

Usually, psychologists with TBI knowledge will also be included. Imaging may be done to determine the exact locations and natures of the injuries. The teams will do their best to minimalize damage as well as intracranial pressure. Sometimes this includes putting the victim into a drug-induced coma. At other times, special medications to prevent seizures may be used.

How Do Doctors Assure Treatment is Coming Along?

After the initial, acute stage of the traumatic brain injuries occurs, the patient is monitored by the hospital staff and its specialists. Continued surgeries may be necessary. After the initial dangers have passed, the patient may be transferred into rehabilitative care. In that center, the patient continues to receive specialized care. Stability is maintained while rehabilitation and healing are pursued. Restoration attempts to restore some of the functions that were lost as the brain was damaged. Often, the patient has to be taught how to do things that were previously taken for granted such as speaking, eating, moving, and other skills that are required for living independently.

What are the Benefits of Long-Term Treatment?

Long-term, the traumatic brain injury treatments will help the patient to recover what they can of lost functions and abilities hopefully. If not, long-term treatment and care must address secondary issues caused by the traumatic brain injuries such as other illnesses, other brain diseases, atrophy, psychological problems, and coping with things like Cerebral Palsy.

Who Helps With Negligently Caused Brain Injuries?

If you or your loved one is the victim of an accident that has or may have resulted in traumatic brain injuries, you are not without help; a personal injury attorney can help you get repayment for the costs of these injuries as well as helping to facilitate immediate, critical testing and care.

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