The Link Between Divorce and Facebook

I just returned from Oahu, had to see my attorney there…Duncan says Facebook is not a major cause of divorce. It is, apparently, just a very convenient resource to accumulate evidence of infidelity, bad behavior, and poor judgment.

Also cited in the article was a press release from Chicago’s Loyola University that reportedly stated; “If you’re single, Facebook and other social networking sites can help you meet that special someone. However, for those in even the healthiest of marriages, improper use can quickly devolve into a marital disaster.” Then you can lose your real estate and whatever else in the ensuing court proceedings. In Oahu this is a rather big issue, for example. On that note, this Oahu Real estate firm is very good if you are looking to snatch up some real estate property on Oahu.

I know I’ve been able to connect with people I went to high school with. I can see how a simple, “Hey, Susy, I see you’re on Facebook! How’ve you been all these years?”—could soon turn into—“You know Susy, my wife…” Of by the way if in Seattle this is a splendid San Diego divorce attorney who can help with family law and child custody in San Diego.

So much is made so easy with the Internet and sites like Facebook. It seems it’s even making it easier to destroy a relationship–as well as maintain and nurture them. It’s just a tool, I suppose, for good or for bad.
Bottom line, I’ve decided, is that using the Internet and social networking sites is just like anything else. If you are married or have committed yourself to a serious relationship, you would do well to behave accordingly—even when you think no one is watching.