Pathology is from the Greek words pathos, which means feeling of suffering and logia, which is the study of. These words combined into the word pathology and are the study of disease and diagnosis and are often referred to as investigative pathology, experimental pathology or theoretical pathology.

There is clinical pathology that is a diagnosis of disease based on laboratory analysis of body fluids, which include blood and urine. Dermatopathology is an anatomic pathology that focuses on the skin as an organ to determine diseases of the skin and is often used in testing by dermatologists.  Diseases like cancer are diagnosed using pathology techniques, which can determine if tissue samples or organ samples are beguine or malignant. More and more people are turning to traditional Medicine methods including Acupuncture and Chinese herbal remedies to deal with fertility problems and other health issues. The archive at contains wellness articles pertaining to these and other medical issues like IVF and IUI Treatments. Their main clinic is based in San Diego, California.