Motorcycle Accidents Are Often Associated with Severe Injuries

Motorcycle accidents are often associated with severe injuries, because the rider has little protection from the road when they are involved in a collision, even if it is at slow speeds. Slow speeds on a motorcycle still mean being thrown from the bike when it collides with a vehicle and the most common injuries include traumatic head and neck injuries, spinal cord injuries, gashes, cuts and scrapes, along with broken bones.  All reasons to seek the advice of San Bernardino motorcycle injury attorneys.

The injuries sustained during a motorcycle accident can be debilitating, they can be injuries that take an extended amount of time to heal or they can be injuries that will never completely heal. The motorcycle rider might require daily nursing care for life or they could be injuries that will require ongoing therapy and surgeries. This sounds extreme to the person that drives a vehicle, but an experienced motorcycle accident attorney could tell them that the only protection the motorcycle rider has is their helmet and any protective clothing they might have been wearing. This is all that is between them and the road, unlike the driver that has a metal surround, airbags and seatbelts.

Since a rider is thrown from the bike during an accident it does not matter how slow they might be going at the time the injuries still can be severe. Riders that are traveling at the speed limit and are involved in a motorcycle accident are often killed, due to the severity of their injuries.  Experienced motorcycle accident attorneys know the severity of the injuries that a motorcycle rider involved in a collision can have, even when the accident happens in Santa Monica.

Motorcycle accidents are often associated with severe injuries, which will mean that there will be hospital bills, ongoing medical care, damage to the motorcycle and loss of wages. Plus there can be a need to have daily ongoing medical and personal care at home when the injuries have been severe. The motorcycle accident attorney that has experience in this type of accident will understand the injuries might never completely heal and this medical care could be necessary for the rest of the rider’s life. In other motorcycle accidents in Santa Monica the rider could be faced with an extended amount of time off of work for their injuries to heal.

If you suffered a motorcycle injury, contact a San Bernardino motorcycle injury attorney.  It is just what makes the most sense if you suffer harmful contact while riding.  Michael P Ehline is a really good lawyer who has gotten great results and he is known as the “motorcycle rider’s friend.”  He can be gotten hold of here: