Prolotherapy in Sports Injury Rehab

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For many people, spring sport season is not only having fun playing tennis and baseball, it is also socializing and building self-esteem and strength of character. However, there are some risks and safety issues associated with strenuous physical activity. The most common in young athletes are overuse injuries resulting from intense training. For it’s part, both PRP treatments and also injections are often used in sports injuries rehab for things like a torn rotator cuff tear, for example.

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Children often complain about pain in their joints, redness and swelling. Sometimes it only takes a few weeks of rest for the symptoms to go away, however, in case of injury the help of the physician is required.
Baseball and softball players often develop rotator cup tendinitis and elbow tendinitis. For lacrosse players the most common injuries are concussions and fractured bones. Typical symptoms of the concussion are headaches, dizziness and blackouts. Tennis players can develop elbow overuse injuries commonly known as “tennis elbow”. To avoid this, players should use stretching and strengthening exercises. In addition to the aformentioned prolotherapy, another common treatment for these ailments is PRP which stands for Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy. All in all, PRP injections and prolotherapy treatments seemt o be on the rise as more Doctors find out about it.

Putting It All Together

Track athletes often develop stress fractures to their shins and feet. It is very important to get medical attention for those types of injuries, because splints and fractures can get worse if players keep exercising despite the pain. It helps to have your athletic shoes custom-fit for better shock-absorption. Golf players commonly get elbow tendinitis and lower back pain related to strained muscles. Those are overuse injuries caused by repetitive swinging motion. All athletes must choose a physician who specializes in sports-related injuries for proper evaluation. An experienced doctor can properly identify the problem and recommend effective rehabilitation program.

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