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Welcome to the YNHH-Health Library Home. We are striving to create the largest online library of health information for things like pain management, as a result of being injured in a motor vehicle accident, car crash or serious motorcycle collision and sports injuries. We also are building a huge glossary of health information, and ask that you assist us in our discussions and in providing content from bowel disorders to Xanax. We seek advice from medical malpractice lawyers, medical doctors, and insurance companies to help us in our quest for knowledge.

If you are a professional and can verify who you are, we may invite you to become our resident expert. We will create a profile for you, and give you the ability to post articles, news and related content about the area of law or medicine you practice if it is health related. Come check out our site.

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Browse our comprehensive directory of diseases and conditions.

Pain Management Medical Videos

Look at the offsite pain management videos & PRP resources


Tests and Procedures

Diagnostic and surgical procedures including an overview of the procedure, reasons for the procedures, risks of the procedure, and more.

Interactive Tools and Resources

Interactive health tools, including a Test Your Knowledge series and a Calculator series, can help you find the health information you need, whether concerning wellness issues like lice removal, natural treatments like acupuncture, Women’s health or fertility issues.

The Interactive Body demonstrates how the organs and structures of human body function and presents information on medical procedures used to diagnose and treat various conditions and diseases. Information about head lice and other current health-related issues can be found at

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